COSA Benifits

As a member of the Alumni Association there are many opportunities and benefits available to you

Meet your batch mates, make connections, and enhance relationships at alumni events throughout the year. Attend events such as Annual Days, Homecomings, Coffee Sessions, Dinners and plenty more!

Volunteer! No better way to stay connected and show support than to give your time back to keeping the Campus Beautiful and ignite new ideas among students.

Envelope the school with your wonderful ideas, designs and projects and leave remarkable footprints on the school’s future prospects.

You may help the younger students by:
– Promoting shadowing and guest lecturers
– Referring new students to Career academy

What happened outside of the classroom was just as important as what happened inside. Stay connected and keep the bonds with athletic teams, clubs, or the group you made memories with.

Relive, Reconnect, Rejoice
ALUM(ni) Mentors is an unprecedented endeavour pioneered by COSA to refurbish its presence and invigorate the memories of being an essential component in their alumni’s success machinery.
COSA envisage ALUM(ni) Mentors as an opportunity for our alumni to reconnect with their alma-mater as mentors and furnish their exemplary expertise in their respective domains for the amelioration of the students.

Social Circle